Do you dare with fluorescent hair dye?

Turn off the lights and make the fluorescent shades shine brightly! The eighties fashion of neon colors is back with force, to your hair! Would you like to know all the details of this fun trend?

Neon fashion returns

Although it is true that neon tones are associated above all with the craziest and most colorful looks of the 80s, the truth is that neon lights have already been used for decades in all kinds of illuminated advertisements. Since then until now, its use has evolved a lot until reaching the [ss_kw]fluorescent hair dye[/ss_kw] .

Surely, as good followers of the trends, you will have already seen photos of fluorescent hair and hairstyles on Instagram or Pinterest. If you have not done so yet, go online with the hashtag #glowinthedarkhair and be amazed by this fashion that is sweeping the networks.

How can you achieve the fluoride effect on your hair?

The neon effect is achieved with special semi- [ss_kw]permanent dyes[/ss_kw] , which usually last between 4 and 6 weeks. During the day your hair looks completely normal but when night comes, everything changes: under the ultraviolet lights you will see how it transforms and acquires a fluorescent appearance with the lights of the disco or your favorite place.

Among the ingredients that these special dyes contain, there are some particles or pigments that make hair glow in the dark. At our hairdresser in Valencia we love to present you with the latest trends , as long as they respect and do not harm the capillary structure of your hair. That is why our stylists have tested them so that you can try them on with all the guarantees. This type of color does not contain ammonia or peroxides and is therefore harmless for the hair. As with the rest of dyes, you should not apply it if you have an irritated scalp or if your hair is damaged, dry or weakened. Our advice is that you always put yourself in the hands of good hairdressing stylists to keep your hair always healthy and nourished, whether its tone is natural or if you have dyed or bleached it. Fluorescent dye does not cover gray hair.

Do you dare to wear this modern dye?

Fun and surprise are guaranteed! You can choose between several colors: pink, turquoise, green or red. You can also mix them up for many more color options.

If you love the neon effect but don’t want to dye, you have a solution for when you want to get that effect occasionally, using gel or spray. Ask our stylists ! Remember that the effect is only appreciated at night, under ultraviolet lights and the rest of the time your hair retains its usual appearance.

In our hairdresser in Valencia we select the best international trends and adapt them to your style.

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