Trendy styles: Join the effortless manes!

After the sophistication and complexity of the festive Christmas or carnival hairstyles, February is presented as the month of naturalness. Today we teach you how to wear a stylish and casual efortless mane following the laws of minimal effort.

After the sophistication and complexity of festive Christmas or carnival hairstyles, February is presented as the month of naturalness. Today we teach you how to wear a stylish and casual [ss_kw]efortless mane[/ss_kw] following the laws of minimal effort.

Naturalness and comfort: perfectly imperfect manes

If you look at the hashtags of many images that circulate on Instagram, you will have noticed that this season the naturalness and the practical side are values that are trading on the rise. Something that we should always keep in mind!

With the approach of spring, the days get longer and the sun shines brighter. It’s time to say goodbye to the stiffness of winter and welcome your more natural side with these [ss_kw]efortless looks[/ss_kw] : practical, fast and in style!

4 efortless chic hairstyles for this spring

  1. Messy collected

This collected in the form of a ponytail has many versions. We are left with the wavy version with a parting in the middle, without positioning the hair neither to the left nor to the right. The tousled ponytail favors until saying enough. To achieve the messy effect, use the hairdresser stylist ‘s trick: apply texturizing hair products for coarse styling. Before collecting you can carve a little on the crown to give more volume. Then form the ponytail and deliberately detach some strands, from the part of the bangs or the sides.

  1. Collected hair roll

Roll the hair along the nape of the neck or for comfort, on both sides of the head. The hair roll updos give a very sensual retro style and are very easy to do: part the side or the middle, wrap the strands around the index finger and secure it at the back of the head with the help of hairpins. Join both sides at the bottom of the neck in a ponytail or bun. You can also leave the hair falling in a semi collected. Another variant of this hairstyle is to make braids instead of curlers.

  1. Top knot

If there’s a simple and effortless updo, it’s definitely the top knot bun. With the head tilted forward, gather all the hair and pin it at the crown. Make a bun by twisting the hair back on itself and pinning it down. To add your personal touch, you can decorate it with a bandana or a pretty brooch.

  1. Low, lopsided, or retro-style casual bun

Making a low bun and pinning it at the nape has no secret. This season this style will be the perfect complement for bare backs: the low and disheveled bun to add a sexy touch, the lopsided to give an irresistible naive and childish tone and the vintage waves with a side parting and loose strands for a delicious style. retro.

In our hairdresser in Valencia we select the best international trends and adapt them to your style.

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