Makeup for falleras step by step

March in Valencia is practically synonymous with Fallas. Since the beginning of the month, the bustle in the streets is already noticeable and the groups begin to have acts. That means that women already plan their outfits, their hairstyles and their fallera makeup.

March in Valencia is practically synonymous with Fallas . Since the beginning of the month, the bustle in the streets is already noticeable and the groups begin to have acts. That means that women already plan their outfits, their hairstyles and their [ss_kw]fallera makeup[/ss_kw] .

In Desancho stylistas we tell you all the secrets to make up like an authentic Valencian fallera . Do not miss it!

How does a fallera make up?

The makeup for this type of act, although it is something very personal, follows certain basic guidelines. It is important to harmonize it very well with the tones of the dress , which is what stands out the most in all the clothing. If your Valencian suit has a color that can be combined with a lip tone, definitely do it! However, if it is blue, yellow, green, or any less combinable hue, you can match your eye makeup.

However, what you must take into account is that the skin must look perfect , clean and not at all exaggerated. Fallas clothing is in itself very striking and makeup is not what stands out the most. Therefore, it must be taken care of and give an elegant touch to your look. And more if it is a [ss_kw]makeup to be a major faller[/ss_kw] !

Steps to make up like an authentic Valencian fallera

What would a [ss_kw]fallera makeup look like step by step[/ss_kw] ? It is not too far from any routine you can follow to apply makeup normally. However, this is our little tutorial:

  • It starts with the eyes . In this way you will avoid that the residue stains your base and you have to retouch it.
  • Keep applying a foundation that lasts for a long time. The acts are usually quite long and you may spend hours without being able to touch up.
  • Follow with the cheek products . Start with those that you want to apply liquids and seal them with the powdered products. This way you will be able to extend its duration.
  • Finish by adding color to your lips . Choose a fixed lipstick and put a little gloss on top to give your lips juiciness.

Makeup according to the situation

As in everyday life, [ss_kw]fallera makeup[/ss_kw] must also be adapted to the situation and time of the day. Both day and night your skin must be cared for. Where then does the difference lie? We will tell you!

Day makeup

The daytime look will be more subtle . By day the main protagonist will always be the suit. The colors will look much prettier and will stand out more. For this reason, makeup will be the opposite.

To achieve a smooth finish, you can apply a makeup base with less coverage, which is more natural to your skin. As for the eyes, the tones will be lighter, with nude shadows that give depth to the look without enhancing it too much. In this way we will focus the attention on the lips.

Night makeup

At night, however, your look can be much more risky . This time, boost your eyes! Just like you would at an evening event, you can risk a lot more when it comes to shadows. In the same way, give more coverage to your skin and mark your features. Night makeup will be stronger and more spectacular.

Tricks to make up fallera

Of course, we could not miss the opportunity to give you some tips for the occasion:

  • Not only the color of the dress is important. For your [ss_kw]fallera eye makeup,[/ss_kw] also take into account the manteleta and the dressing .
  • Long-lasting products will be your allies. And if you are very sentimental, make sure they are waterproof !
  • Try to adapt the makeup to the act you have to attend. It is not the same if you are going to go out, if it is an event in a room, if you have to go on stage or if you are going to do a photo session.
  • But, the most important trick is that you choose the look with which you feel most comfortable and beautiful .

Where to put on makeup like a Valencian fallera?

If you want to get an authentic [ss_kw]Valencian fallera makeup[/ss_kw] , Desancho stylistas are your salon in Valencia. We are experts in traditional Valencian hairstyles and in getting your perfect look for these Fallas. Contact us without obligation!

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