Fallera hairstyles 2020: modern and elegant

To speak of the Fallas of Valencia is to speak of ninots, bonfires, emotion, silks… and hairstyles. There is no self-respecting Fallera or Valencian who does not take maximum care of her hairstyle and makeup during the days of the celebration.

To speak of the Fallas of Valencia is to speak of ninots, bonfires, emotion, silks… and hairstyles . There is no self-respecting Fallera or Valencian who does not take maximum care of her hairstyle and makeup during the days of the celebration. Year after year, accessories evolve and take center stage to enhance buns, bows and waves. What news will the Fallas bring us this year in terms of hairstyles and styles? How is the fallera hairstyle done?

In this post, from Desancho Estilistas we tell you what [ss_kw]the fallera hairstyle[/ss_kw] is like and how the fallera hairstyle is done. We also show you two examples of modern fallera hairstyles that we love and some tips so that you keep your hairstyle intact all the parties.Do not miss it!

Fallera hairstyle step by step

Fallera hairstyles consist of 3 bows, two on the sides and one at the back, although in recent times [ss_kw]fallera hairstyles with a single bow[/ss_kw] are also seen .

But, how to comb the fallera ?

To make the fallera hairstyle step by step, divide the hair into 3 parts by making two lines: the first of them divides the hair in two from top to bottom and the other, from ear to ear (forming a T). We make two side braids and with the excess hair from the back area a centered and low tail is made. On it the corresponding dressing is placed and the two lateral braids are joined, holding the whole with the help of the filler mesh.

To shape the wave, you need to lick your hair well. This will be easier! It is important to hold the hair well to the back ponytail since the bun is placed on that part.

With the filler mesh, an 8 is drawn around the dressing and the same is done with the natural hair braids. The result should be a drawing that is as flat as possible in order to adapt the hairstyle to current trends.

Before adding more hairpieces, the rear comb is placed. When it has been well attached we will begin to put the filler tights and braids around the bun making sure that they are also very flat. Finally, the dressing needles are placed in parallel under the previous ones.

Once the back bun is finished, the side buns are made. It is very important that both are at the same height (the lower part of the earlobe should be visible). To make them, the beginning of the mesh is hooked to the back bow and wrapped around the hook that we have previously placed. At the end you just need to put the combs very carefully.

Tips to protect the fallera hairstyle

Getting a good fallera hairstyle is not everything. What if they give us a good fallera hairstyle and it only lasts a day or two? It won’t be worth anything! Falleras, normally, have the same hairstyle for several days.

What is the best advice that we can give you from Desancho Estilistas to maintain it?

  1. A good finish : if you want to maintain a good hairstyle at all fallas parties, it is important that the fallera hairstyle is well done. If they can’t do it at home and they don’t know how, it is best to go to a [ss_kw]hairdresser for fallera bows[/ss_kw] and put yourself in the hands of professionals so that the finish is impeccable and you can maintain it during all the parties.
  1. Fixation : Fixation is key. Keep in mind that it has to be kept day and night so use a good fixative. There are quality fixing products that you can find in hairdressing centers. Ask professional stylists to recommend a quality product.
  1. Don’t get it wet – clearly, you shouldn’t get it wet or the hold will disappear and the bun will come undone. If there is rain … protect yourself from the rain!

Types of modern fallera hairstyle

Next, we show you two types of modern fallera hairstyle:

Polished fallera hairstyle

It is a fallera hairstyle that the youngest are betting on, a very flattering hairstyle free of waves. We love!

peinado fallera img1 - desancho

Fallera hairstyle with front wave

It is a polished type of hairstyle but has a slight wave at the front of the head. Look at the image below and tell us… do you like the [ss_kw]fallera hairstyle with waves[/ss_kw] ?

peinado fallera img2 - desancho

Current trends fallera hairstyles

The current trends in [ss_kw]fallera hairstyles[/ss_kw] tend towards simplicity (leaving aside the old [ss_kw]fallera hairstyles with waves[/ss_kw] ), something difficult when it comes to such an elaborate hairstyle. It is about achieving a polished finish that, although it is showy, does not detract from the dress, but rather complements it. For this, the combs must be well glued, the back bun as low and flat as possible, without relief, unlike how it was worn years ago.

Trends are also committed to comfort, which is why many falleras are opting this season to abandon the traditional side wheels, leaving the ears outdoors.

This hairstyle is one of the [ss_kw]2020 fallera hairstyles[/ss_kw] that maintains the essence of the traditional fallera hairstyle but is committed to innovation, change, simplicity and comfort, essential to enjoy the holidays from the first to the last day.

We are experts in [ss_kw]Valencian fallera hairstyles.[/ss_kw] Find out about our special prices !

The realization of the fallero bun is quite laborious, so in general, hairdressers who are experts in this type of hairstyles are usually resorted to. Along with the suit and dressing, it is the third pillar on which this look rests. Therefore, with the intention of making it perfect and also withstanding during the holidays, it is important to put yourself in the hands of the best professionals.

In our hairdresser in Valencia we select the best international trends and adapt them to your style.

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