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Hair degrades due to stress, the passage of time or external aggressions. Do you notice that your hair is no longer the same? If you suffer because your personal image is not as before and the appearance of your hair has changed, do not worry.

Hair degrades due to stress, the passage of time or external aggressions. Do you notice that your hair is no longer the same? If you suffer because your personal image is not as before and the appearance of your hair has changed, do not worry. Our stylists from Desancho Estilistas, our hairdresser to put extensions, have the solution, do you know what it is? Natural hair extensions !

The [ss_kw]natural hair extensions[/ss_kw] are the solution to get a sexy and abundant mane instantly. If you notice, most tops, actresses and celebrities in general, use tricks to feel comfortable and beautiful at the time of events . Therefore, they wear extensions, not only to adapt to trends or to wear them on the red carpet, but also in their daily life. Wearing [ss_kw]hair extensions[/ss_kw] makes the mane look wonderful.

If you want to wear extensions , pay close attention to our article, in it we reveal the hairstyles with fashionable extensions and we talk about extensions for long hair and [ss_kw]extensions for short[/ss_kw] hair, curly hair, etc.

Extensions in Valencia

Have you cut your hair and you don’t like it? Do you want to increase the volume of your hair in a completely natural way? If you are not satisfied with the length or volume of your hair, extensions are a good solution for you. If you have already made this decision and you are looking for a professional beauty salon to get [ss_kw]hair extensions in Valencia[/ss_kw] , Desancho Estilistas is the most ideal place.

Desancho Estilistas is a beauty salon in Valencia that has a professional career of almost 7 years. All the services offered by the Desancho Estilistas team are endorsed by a team of highly qualified professionals who seek excellence in each of their jobs.

One of the services offered by the salon is the placement of extensions in Valencia . A service in which the center’s professionals are prepared to achieve the most natural results possible thanks not only to the placement of the extensions, but also to the color and cut, ensuring that the extensions blend with the natural hair of each client.

If you want [ss_kw]to get extensions in a hairdresser[/ss_kw] like Desancho Estilistas … discover the types there are!

At Desancho Estilistas, your hairdresser in Valencia , we are experts in placing extensions in Valencia, adapting this service to your tastes and needs.

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Types of hair extensions

Here are some types of extensions depending on the hair or hairstyle:

Long hair extensions

Long hair extensions have two objectives: to provide volume and / or length to the mane. Although length is typically sought, there may be women who seek both. As we have mentioned before, there are also many who only put extensions on long hair to give a different touch to their look at an event.

Extensions for short hair

Typically, extensions for short hair are intended to provide more volume to the mane. These extensions are not to give more length to the hair, so they are perfect for all those who have little or very fine hair .

Curly hair extensions

Do you have curly hair and don’t know if you can wear extensions? Of course. There are curly hair extensions that will be perfect for you. These extensions can also be of different types and usually pursue the objective of increasing the volume of the mane and, also, the length.

Loose hair extensions with waves

If you have little amount of hair and you want to show off a loose hair with waves, you can resort to natural hair extensions. The result will be perfect.

Extensions half collected

All those women who have thin and not abundant hair, normally, do not bet on collected means because the hair is ‘very poor’. To avoid this, hair extensions will be your best allies.

Ponytail extensions

Do you want to wear a beautiful ponytail with volume? If with your hair alone you can not achieve it, one of the best options will be to put hair extensions.

Keratin extensions

Keratin extensions are placed one by one on your hair and are fixed to it through the application of heat. These extensions are completely invisible to the eye and no one will notice you are wearing them. Keratin extensions must be placed by expert professionals to achieve optimal results.

Braided extensions

Braided highlights are the most natural thing to do. This technique consists of placing strands of natural or artificial hair, braiding them to your own hair, fixing them with invisible rubber bands. The braided highlights do not damage the hair and are very easy to install.

Adhesive extensions

This type of extensions does not damage your hair either and they are placed quickly and easily, achieving long-lasting and instant quality results.With this easy and fast technique you can show off your hair without damaging your hair. Adhesive extensions stick to your natural hair and are completely invisible once in place.

Remember that if in addition to having your natural qualities to seduce, you have external accessories such as hair extensions , you can solve problems such as low density, low volume or baldness .

And is that, have you thought about the number of months that have to pass to get a sexy ‘pelazo’ like Jennifer Lopez’s? Why wait? In a couple of hours you will be able to show off the shiny mane of your dreams, wearing it loose or making yourself a pristine updo.

And also, don’t forget that natural hair extensions can be treated the same as your own hair. This means that you can also dye them and give highlights or highlights without problems. In addition, you can make them the cut that you like the most to fully adapt them to your hair.

Natural extensions are the best option to change your look instantly! Don’t forget… [ss_kw]Valencia extensions[/ss_kw] in Desancho Estilistas!

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