Mistakes to avoid in bridal makeup

Is your wedding day approaching and would you like to be the most beautiful bride? You sure will be! While you will no doubt look great walking down the aisle, flawless makeup and the right hairstyle will help enhance your natural beauty.

Today we want to focus on [ss_kw]bridal makeup[/ss_kw] . If, as we have already pointed out, a successful makeup serves to enhance your features and hide imperfections, an inappropriate one will ruin both the bridal look and the photos of this special day. That’s why from Desancho stylistas, your [ss_kw]hairdresser in Valencia[/ss_kw] , we want you to know the decalogue of mistakes (and horrors!) To avoid with these makeup tips:

  1. Avoid the ” raccoon effect ” when using concealer. Use sparingly to cover small blemishes, dark circles, or blemishes.
  2. Use a foundation similar to that of your skin and above all, do not forget to also extend it along the neck and décolleté to give uniformity.
  3. Apply matte translucent powders to remove unsightly shine.
  4. For the eyelids, choose a color that harmonizes with the color of your eyes , and even with the dress and the bouquet. The general advice is to look for a natural effect! Avoid pearlescent and strong tones. The black one, it is better to leave it for another occasion. If you want to use the eye liner, no problem, as long as you use it in moderation.
  5. Like any self-respecting bride, surely a tear escapes you. Use waterproof mascara or your eyes will end up looking like a koala’s.
  6. When putting makeup on your lips , use the liner to perfectly contour them. Use soft tones so that they do not detract from the rest of your style. Nothing to outline them on the outside or go overboard with the gloss !
  7. Distribute the compact powders with gentle strokes. The goal is to get velvety cheeks, not end up looking like Heidi!
  8. When applying blush , smile! In this way, the cheekbone will be better marked and you will be able to better follow its contour.
  9. If you like to use white powder on top of your foundation, spread it out well or it will look like you’ve filled yourself with talcum powder.
  10. Brides who are too tanned are not elegant. A little color is flattering but excess UVA rays can make you feel vulgar.

Tip beauty De Sancho so that your bridal makeup helps you to be perfect:

Choose a good professional. Expert bridal makeup stylists will be able to advise you on the color palette that best harmonizes with your skin, eyes, hair, color and shape of the dress, etc. [ss_kw]Makeup for a[/ss_kw] day wedding is not the same as makeup for a wedding at night. To achieve the best results, even seemingly trivial details are taken into account, such as the season of the year in which the event will take place, position of the sun, place of the ceremony, etc. With all these data in hand you will achieve a harmonious and spectacular result!

In our hairdresser in Valencia we select the best international trends and adapt them to your style.

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