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Christmas is approaching and party collections become the undisputed stars of all events. Lunches, dinners … those collected for events are the perfect wild card and the key to a good Christmas look. And it is that, for the great occasions we all usually opt for some type of collected or semi collected. These hairstyles are elegant, stylish and flattering.

Christmas is approaching and [ss_kw]party collections[/ss_kw] become the undisputed stars of all events. Meals, dinners … those [ss_kw]collected for events[/ss_kw] They are the perfect wild card and the key to a good Christmas look .

And it is that, for the great occasions we all usually opt for some type of collected or semi collected. These hairstyles are elegant, stylish and flattering. When you remove your hair from your face, you bring out your features and the sophisticated makeup that you like to wear at parties and events.

The updos are perfect to get the touch of glamor and elegance that the occasion requires!

This season we recommend that, for your party updo, you bet on the safe: bows, braids and pigtails are always in fashion. Now the informal updos and the [ss_kw]party updos with braids[/ss_kw] are very popular in a multitude of ways: mermaid tail, semi undone, side, gathered at the nape and many more. Their main advantage is that they are [ss_kw]easy to make party picks[/ss_kw] and offer very impressive visual results.

From Desancho Estilistas , your hairdresser in Valencia , we have been inspired by the most stylish celebrities to tell you about the trends in [ss_kw]updos for special events[/ss_kw] . Do not miss it!

1. Low ballerina bun

It is a very simple hairstyle, easy to do and very elegant. It is usually polished to give it a more sophisticated air.

Celebrities have made it one of the top hairstyles on the catwalks and events. Some of the celebrities who usually wear it are Cara Delevingne , Julia Roberts and Emma Watson .

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2. Semi collected

The semi collected hairstyle adapts to any face and style depending on how it is done. You can collect more or less hair, place the collected part at any height, leave strands loose or polish them…. Normally this type of party updo gives a very romantic and sexy look to any look and is so versatile that it can be worn both in a daytime celebration and in one at night. One of the most loyal followers of this type of hairstyle is Kate Middleton , the Duchess of Cambridge.

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3. Pigtail

The ponytail is always a good option, regardless of how you wear it: low and polished or high and hollowed out.

It is one of the simplest party updos out there and it adapts to almost any look. The main task of the ponytail is to stylize the proportions of the face, lengthen the neck and give the look a more classic air.

Some of the celebrities who have joined the trend of the ponytail and who use it regularly are Jessica Chastain , Jennifer Lopez and Dakota Johnson .

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4. Braids

As we have mentioned before, braids will continue to be one of the most popular collections seen at parties and events. They are preferably worn with the roots and boho style, semi-undone and lateral. There are a multitude of braids to choose from and it can even be done with bows. A faithful follower of the braided updos is the international actress Blake Lively. We love how these types of hairstyles look!

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5. Wet effect

Ballerina bows take on a new dimension with the wet effect. Comb the front with some styling gel. Hollow out a little in the crown area. Gather the back part in a low bun and leave a few loose strands on both sides of the face. Your hair will appear to be wet, although getting the wet effect is more laborious than it seems!

The wet effect can also be worn on loose hair and it is… heart-stopping! See what Gigi, the oldest of the Hadid sisters, looks like.

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6. Collected low waste

The [ss_kw]low party[/ss_kw] updos that are made are perfect to provide a youthful touch to the whole look. In the following image we show you how the international model Lily Aldrige wears it.

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7. Pigtail with braid

It is a [ss_kw]party updo for long hair[/ss_kw] that is very easy to do and very comfortable, especially in areas of higher humidity, where frizz (known as frizz) is completely reduced.

You can make the ponytail with an undone braid or well polished, as Gigi Hadid is wearing in the image below.

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8. Waves to the water

The waves to the water are not a collection of the hair but they are one of the most demanded party hairstyles. They can be worn with the hair completely down, with the hair collected or with the hair semi collected. The water waves provide a very sophisticated and elegant touch to the look. Look how they fit Paula Echevarría!

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9. Chignon (low or high)

You can choose between the two versions of the most classic and easy to do bun. You just have to pin the hair in a ponytail (high or low), roll it up and twist it around itself. You can fix it with invisible hairpins and give it your personal and festive touch by placing a side flower, bow, accessory or any other detail that you like.

10. Updos banana with bangs

For Audrey Hepburn style lovers. A classic that comes back renewed year after year and that is always elegant and flattering. Try it with short fringed bangs!

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11. Messy almost undone

You can choose between ballerina buns with side locks, or deliberately undone braided updos. Always natural and casual! One of the trendiest [ss_kw]long hair updos for parties[/ss_kw] of the new season. In the following image we show you what the international model Alessandra Ambrosio looks like.

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12. Low ponytail with accessories

This trend, which we have seen a lot during the summer, is very versatile and full of possibilities. It is also very easy to do! It is about the classic low ponytail in which the fashion touch is put by the accessories: add all kinds of accessories: pheasant feathers, beads or even ornaments that reproduce the pattern of your dress! The influencer Rocío Camacho teaches us how to wear this [ss_kw]half-length party updo[/ss_kw] . We love!

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To help you select the best party collection, we will reveal below which is the most appropriate according to the type of face.

Fashion collections more appropriate for each type of face:

  • Oval face : it is the most harmonious. Everything suits them! If you are lucky enough to have a perfect oval, high ponytails with a lot of movement, like those of Kate Perry , or with a toupee, lightly carded on the sides for a more elegant look, like that of Kate Beckinsale , will look great. Low updos will also be perfect for you, with loose strands and parting in the middle, in the style of Kate Middleton .
  • Square face : the disheveled effect of a party updo is ideal for this type of face, as it breaks up the harsh features and softens the facial oval, as Kate Hudson or Taylor Swift , who also have this type, often show us. of factions. Opt for an updo with waves to the water that frame her face and flatter her.
  • Round face : If you have rounded features like Eva Longoria , choose updos with a toupee and clear sides so as not to emphasize the roundness. However, Miranda Kerr is more in favor of high bows, which are fashionable for this season, which optically lengthen the face.
  • Triangular face : like that of the actress Rooney Mara , who usually opts for very marked and thick bangs that enhance her expression, or for the very high ballerina buns to soften her features.
  • Rhombus or diamond-like face: if you have a rhombus-shaped face like Olivia Palermo ‘s, a safe bet is the pigtails and braids of all kinds with parting in the middle. It is also the case of Elsa Pataky , who for social events usually resorts to high buns or strappy pigtails.
  • Elongated face : Jennifer Aniston ‘s party hairstyles are the most imitated in America. Jennifer usually resorts to party updos with volume at the crown, dropping a side lock. You can also try a tousled side braid and long bangs, like actress Evangeline Lilly ‘s.
  • Inverted triangle or heart type : low updos with bangs go very well to hide the wide forehead. Victoria Beckham , when she wears long hair and goes to a party, usually wears it in a vertical bun that flatters her face.

What party dress do you keep?

At Desancho Estilistas, your hairdresser in Valencia, we make party updos based on your style and international trends.

Desancho Estilistas: Hairdressing and beauty services designed for you.

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