Hairstyles trends 2018: best hairstyles, ideas and inspiration

If you want to discover all the trends in hairstyles 2018 pay attention to our post. From Desancho Estilistas, our hairdresser in Valencia, we will tell you in this article everything you need to know about this season’s hairstyles and also, we give you some ideas of hairstyles for 2018.

If you want to discover all the trends in hairstyles 2018 pay attention to our post. From Desancho Estilistas , our hairdresser in Valencia, we will tell you in this article everything you need to know about this season’s hairstyles and also, we give you some [ss_kw]ideas of hairstyles[/ss_kw] for 2018.

Hairstyles 2018

Next we will talk about some of the 2018 hairstyles most worn by celebrities . Hairstyles that began on the catwalks and that now we do not stop seeing in all kinds of events: anniversaries, weddings, baptisms, communions, company dinners, etc.

These hairstyles are as follows:

  • High bun
  • High ponytail
  • The ballerina bun
  • Water wave hairstyle
  • Braided updo
  • Lopsided braid

If you want to discover everything about these hairstyles and some of the famous ones who have already dared to wear them… keep reading!

1. High bun

The high bun, polished or undone, is the first on our list. Although this type of bow seems little elaborate, the truth is that it takes a lot of work behind it. It is perfect for events where you want to show your more informal side and, in addition, it is also perfect for day to day: to go to work, to the gym, to shop, etc.

Spanish actress Blanca Suárez looks like no other . We show you in the image below!

2. High ponytail

Who says the high ponytail is just for exercise? The high ponytail has become a must have at night events. This hairstyle is not only comfortable, it is also youthful and sophisticated at the same time. It is a 2018 trend hairstyle that we love because it lets the facial features show themselves. The best companion of this hairstyle? Good makeup!

Next we show you in the image the singer and actress Jennifer López with a hairstyle with a high ponytail . We love the feminine and groundbreaking result! And you?

3. Ballerina bun

The dance bun is, without a doubt, one of the hairstyles that has been on the list of the most desired for events for years and … this year was not going to be less! It is a perfect hairstyle even to go to the office. It can be worn for all kinds of events and is suitable for all types of hair, from straight, curly, wavy, long hair, midi, short hair, etc.

One of the celebrities that we love with this hairstyle is the Victoria’s Secret model Lily Aldrige . In the image below we show you how it looks. How about?

4. Water wave hairstyle

The actress and influencer Paula Echevarría is one of the faithful women to the hairstyle with waves to the water. It is a hairstyle that is worn with loose hair. The waves can be more or less pronounced, depending on the style you want to highlight.

Next we show you the image of Paula Echevarría with a hairstyle with very undone waves , perfect for an event in which you want to show off a romantic and youthful look, and at the same time very modern and sophisticated.

5. Braided updo

There are many braided updos that you can make. This type of collection has become very fashionable this year and the truth is that… we love it! You can do them with the polished braid, with the undone braid, with different types of braids, with the hair all collected, with the hair semi collected, and so on.

In the following image we show you what a semi collected Queen Letizia looks like. The Queen is a faithful follower of braids and in different events we have been able to see her with this type of hairstyle. In the photo below you can see her with her loose midi hair and a braid that acts as a tiara. How about?

6. Lopsided braid

If you have a good long hair, a good option is to make a lopsided braid. This hairstyle has become very fashionable this year for both the most casual looks and the most sophisticated looks. It is one of the ideas for hairstyles that can be worn both during the day and at night.

In the image below we show you an idea of a lopsided braid a little undone. This type of braid is one of the favorites of actress Blake Lively . She wears this type of hairstyle on many occasions, and it is that … she has a heart attack!

Hairstyles ideas for 2018

In this section of the post we want to give you some ideas so that your hairstyles and your hair, be it long, short, curly, straight, wavy, etc., be the best of this season.

The ideas that we give you below are ideas so that your hairstyles are always perfect .

  • Place accessories in order to give personality and character to the hairstyle
  • Always go to the best professionals so that the results are optimal
  • Take into account the outfit you are going to wear
  • Take into account the latest trends.

If you want to discover more about these tips or ideas to improve hairstyles … keep reading!

  • Add accessories : accessories are very important if you want to stand out from other women with your hairstyle. It is important that for the selection of the complement you choose correctly. Take into account what type of event it is: wedding, anniversary, company dinner, etc. Also when is it: season of the year, day or night, etc. All this information will help you to properly select the accessory that will accompany your hairstyle. Some of the most common are the following: tiara, flower crown, hat, floral headdress, hair tie with details …
  • Go to the best professional: if you want your hairstyle of the season to be the best and you want to get one that is on the list of trends for this year 2018, go to a beauty salon with a good team of professionals. They will help you bring out the best version of yourself by proposing different [ss_kw]hairstyle ideas[/ss_kw] .
  • Consider the outfit: Don’t forget to take into account the outfit you’re wearing. It is essential to select the best [ss_kw]ideas for hairstyles for short hair[/ss_kw] , long, etc. For example: if you go to an event and wear a dress with a neckline at the back, we recommend that you wear your hair up. You can make some of the collected ones that we have mentioned previously, such as the high ponytail, the ballerina bun, etc. On the contrary, if you are wearing a dress with a front neckline … some pretty water waves can be a good option!
  • Take into account the latest trends: if you go to a good professional, it is most likely that he is up to date with the latest trends. However, it is important that you are too. We recommend that you catch up by looking at some fashion magazines, etc. You can also resort to some social networks such as Instagram, where the latest trends in any field are always present (food, clothing, cinema, hairstyles, etc.).

Now that you know what the trends in hairstyles 2018 are, and the [ss_kw]hairstyle ideas[/ss_kw] that we have given you in this post to get the best version of yourself in any event … you have no excuse to be perfect and fashionable!

Also, do not forget that at Desancho Estilistas we have the best team of professionals in hairstyles for curly , straight, wavy hair, cuts, color and makeup, with the aim of leaving you beautiful for any event you have.

If you want more information, get in touch with us!

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