Hairstyles with water waves

Surely this season you have a lot of parties and events. Have you thought about the hairstyles that you can make for each social event? From Desancho Estilistas, our hairdresser in Valencia, we recommend hairstyles with water waves.

Surely this season you have a lot of parties and events. Have you thought about the hairstyles that you can make for each social event? From Desancho Estilistas , our hairdresser in Valencia , we recommend [ss_kw]hairstyles with water waves[/ss_kw] .

For this reason, in this post we are not only going to tell you what water waves are, we are also going to show you some examples of water hairstyles and water waves updos. Are you going to miss it?

What are the hairstyles with waves to the water?

Don’t you stop hearing about water-wave hairstyles and still don’t know what they are? The waves to the water are those worked waves that became so fashionable between the 20s and the 30s and, since then, it seems that they do not go out of style. They are those waves that, normally, are born from the middle of the hair and all of them rotate towards the same side.

The last thing we just mentioned is one of the keys to making these types of waves perfect.

[ss_kw]Wavy hairstyles[/ss_kw] offer so many options (they are even hairstyles for curly hair that are suitable) that they can be seen in many different ways and on many different hair types.

We tell you which ones we like the most below:

Hairstyle with water waves on long hair

[ss_kw]Wavy hairstyles for long hair[/ss_kw] we love. Currently, a reinterpretation of water waves is in fashion, a hairstyle with a highly polished root and movement from the nose, as worn by Sienna Miller in this photograph.

Long manes are ideal for this type of hairstyle, they give a lot of ‘play’ and very marked, more subtle, more undone waves can be made, they can be collected, and so on.

Hairstyles with waves to the water in half hair

[ss_kw]Hairstyles with water waves in half hair[/ss_kw] are very common for events and any other ceremony. Normally they are the most requested hairstyles in beauty salons for this type of hair and can be done from loose to collected, semi-collected, etc.

Here we show you the image of Lily Aldrige, one of the Victoria’s Secret angels who normally wears the hairstyle with waves to the water in half brunette hair.

Hairstyle with water waves for short hair

It is one of the favorite hairstyles for celebrities for the most important events because of the sophistication it brings to the entire look. See what Diane Kruguer looks like! We love!

On many occasions, a false bob is made with water waves, giving the appearance of a short hair, despite having a long hair. It is a hairstyle suitable for all ages, although we love it for women who are approaching 30 years.

Hair with waves to the water in the midi mane

Although the waves to the water shorten the mane, every day it is more common to see them in very collected midi manes. This hairstyle gives the whole look a retro touch perfect for special occasions. We love how international model Bella Hadid wears them.

It is one of the most fashionable hairstyles in this season of 2018, we have not only seen it in celebrities like Bella Hadid, some Spanish celebrities like Blanca Suarez and Úrsula Corberó are faithful followers of this style for their most prominent events.

Retro wavy hairstyle

It is one of the most sophisticated hairstyles out there. The waves start a little higher and the overall hairstyle is quite polished. It is perfect for the most elegant events of the year. The actress and model Rosie Huntingtin-Whiteley is a faithful follower of this style of waves to the water.

Without a doubt, the retro water waves are the most similar to the water waves that were sported in the 1920s. They are a type of very sophisticated waves, perfect to combine with an elegant outfit in any ceremony, day or night.

Wedding hairstyle with water waves

Water [ss_kw]wave[/ss_kw] hairstyles are hairstyles that provide a very romantic touch to bridal looks and also adapt to many options, for example: braids, pigtails, loose hair, high buns, low buns and many more hairstyles.

The romantic style and the number of options offered by the [ss_kw]water wave hairstyles for brides[/ss_kw] make it one of the quintessential hairstyles for brides on their big day. Even the guests!

One of the most common is the low collected with waves to the water, perfect to give your look a sweet touch. The low bun with water waves is the best option. The trick is to make the waves before and distribute them correctly so that the collected is a success. This hairstyle is super romantic and with the right look … you will be the center of all eyes!

However, the low bun with waves to the water is not the only option. We have other options, such as:

  • Semi-updos with waves to the water for the most romantic brides
  • Ponytail with waves to the water for the most daring and sophisticated brides
  • High up with waves to the water for the most traditional brides
  • And so on.

Come to Desancho Estilistas and we will make you the hairstyle with waves of the season, adapting it to your style and the event you have! Do not hesitate and enjoy your beauty.

Put yourself in the hands of the best professionals to be perfect in the most important moments of your life: your wedding, your anniversary, the wedding of any friend or family member … you will not regret it!

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