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The faded haircut for women is making a strong comeback this season. The layered cut is very practical and versatile, perfect for all types of lengths and manes.

The [ss_kw]faded haircut for women[/ss_kw] is making a strong comeback this season. The layered cut is very practical and versatile, perfect for all types of lengths and manes. The only secret to get the result you want is to put yourself in the hands of professionals.

If you want to find the perfect [ss_kw]woman’s faded haircut[/ss_kw] for you, let yourself be advised by trusted hairdressers. At Desancho Estilistas , as professionals, we help and advise you so that you know what your hair type is, which styles go best with your features or which [ss_kw]gradient cut[/ss_kw] for straight, curly, long or short hair suits you best.

To wear a layered cut it is not necessary to have a special type of hair. You can make a [ss_kw]woman’s gradient haircut in medium hair[/ss_kw] , long hair, short hair, and even a [ss_kw]curly gradient haircut for women[/ss_kw] . You can create very attractive effects by adding light highlights or coloring the ends in a very natural way, one of the trends of the year 2017.

Why get a faded haircut?

Despite everything we have told you, are you wondering why you should get a degraded haircut? Layered cuts are asymmetrical haircuts in which lengths and volumes are played with. This option is perfect for all ages and styles. Layered is one of the most flattering styles. It is easy to style and very versatile as there are many options to choose from. It is also a comfortable and practical style that helps give volume and body to the hair. The only requirement to sport the layered cut is to go through the salon regularly to keep the ends healthy.

How can cuts be degrade?

The gradients can be with the tips facing in or out and as we have indicated previously, suitable for all types of hair.

One of the advantages of this type of cuts is that they allow correcting the asymmetry in elongated faces and cover the occasional small ‘defect’. They are perfect for informal styles and to take years off your skin instantly, but it is also perfect for more formal styles. Here we show you how this haircut looks to some famous women. Do not miss it!

  1. Lily aldrige

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International model Lily Aldrige wears a half-length faded haircut that adds super natural volume and movement. She shows off the gradient in a very subtle way on her brown hair. Normally it is wavy, although on some occasions, the model opts for a straight one that we love.

  1. Gigi hadid

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The model Gigi, the oldest of the Hadid, is another of the celebrities who wears a faded haircut in long hair. It looks combined with a parade on the front and with a blonde color that characterizes it. It adds a lot of volume and we love the result. Like Lily Aldrige, she usually wears it wavy, however, for special occasions she opts for combing it completely straight.

  1. Gisele bunchen

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Gisele Bunchen is another of the models who wears a mane with a degraded haircut. To her, like the models that we have mentioned previously, it provides a very natural volume and a lot of movement. Gisele is one of the models known for her beautiful hair … and she always wears it perfect!

  1. Blanca Suarez

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The Spanish actress Blanca Suárez has us used to her changes of look. However, even if you change the length of your hair, color, it always maintains the gradient that gives it the volume and movement you want. We love it when it’s short and midi! He has a heart attack!

Lastly, remember that the fade haircut is not an exclusive haircut for women. The degraded cut in men is also very fashionable and every day there are more that add to this trend.

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