Interview with Juanvi Camarasa – Revelation Hairdresser of 2018

On October 1, within the International Salon of the Image and Integral Aesthetics ( Salon Look ), the Fígaro Awards gala took place where the most prestigious awards at the national level of Hairdressing were awarded.

Within this ninth edition, by our Hairdressing Salon, De Sancho Estilistas , we were fortunate to have two finalists among those selected:

  • Jorge de Sancho in the category of Avant-garde Collection
  • Juanvi Camarasa in the Revelation of the Year category.

And it was precisely the latter, Juanvi Camarasa, a hairdresser born in Alzira, trained in Barcelona and currently in charge of the new Salon de DeSancho Estilistas on Salamanca Street in Valencia, who won the trophy in his category. Bringing it to our salon, just as Jorge de Sancho did in 2015 with the best Men’s Collection.

That is why we wanted to talk to our partner, and tell us a few words about his feelings after being named the revelation hairdresser in Spain, and what he thinks for the future.

entrevista a juanvi camarasa peluquero revelacion de 2018 interna - desancho

How does it feel to win the Figaro award for breakthrough hairdresser for the first time?

It is a very great joy to see that your efforts are recognized. And even more when because it was the last year and this can only be achieved before the age of 28, and I really wanted to get it.

How did you come up with the idea?

Actually the collection is called BLOW which means to blow. I base myself on that word because I woke up one day and was very clear that what I was going to do would be like a breath, an idea like an air, an inspiration, and I started working on it.

How were the preparations?

Well, as you can imagine very well because the whole team is on set recording, combing. It was a lot of fun having the whole team collaborate on that collection.

Who has been your fundamental support during the preparation?

Well, the truth is that the entire team of stylists was very supportive, because they cared about every detail.

What did you feel in the moments before hearing your name?

Well, if I’m honest, seconds before hearing my name, while the drums were ringing I was repeating the name of my two companions with whom I was competing, thinking that they were going to say one of their two names. But when they said my name, I jumped for joy and ran towards Jorge Desancho, who was also nominated with me on stage!

How do you rate the work done?

Well the truth is that I am very happy with the work done because I reflected the idea as I really thought. It defines my way of working very well.

What are your goals for the future?

My goals for the future are to grow the new Desancho Estilistas salon, as is the first. Try to get many more successes in the world of hairdressing such as: more Figaros and similar titles. Both nationally and internationally with my fellow stylists desancho.

After listening to the winner of the revelation hairdresser trophy of this year 2018, what better way than to leave you with what was the moment of the election so that you can enjoy it with us.

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