Do you know the color Bronde?

If you don’t look either blonde or brunette, bronde is your color! This word that defines the hair color that the actress Blake Lively has imposed, is a fusion of two French words: brune (brunette) and blonde (blonde) and they are the best highlights for fall.

If you don’t look either blonde or brunette, [ss_kw]bronde[/ss_kw] is your color! This word that defines the hair color that the actress Blake Lively has imposed, is a fusion of two French words: brune (brunette) and blonde (blonde) and they are the best highlights for fall . Do you identify with him?

Intense blonde is no longer a trend. Little by little, the blondes are saying goodbye to their color and they go to the fashion of [ss_kw]the bronde hair color[/ss_kw] . Achieving this desired shade is a matter for professionals. Don’t risk your color and ask our stylists in Valencia for advice!

Bronde color types

Bronde is the ideal color for brunettes who feel blonde at heart, but at the same time do not want such a radical change. The key is to lighten your natural color a couple of tones until you give the right light tone.

In the opposite case, it is the solution for blondes who want to darken their hair without going to the radical brunette.

Many women do not want to choose between the sexy look of blonde hair and the forcefulness of brown. That is why more and more are joining this color full of possibilities.

There are different types of Bronde color :

  • Copper Bronde : it is the most coppery bronde. It is a hair tone that is between the most caramel colors and brown colors. The result that is achieved is a very subtle copper tone, perfect for warm skin.
  • Hazelnut Bronde : It is the color commonly known as Hazelnut Bronde. The base of this hair color is chestnut and it looks with the tips in golden tones, and even ash. It is the perfect hair color for the most tanned skin at all times of the year, or to do it in the sunniest times like summer.
  • Gold Bronde : in gold Bronde the tone that attracts the most attention is undoubtedly blonde. This color is perfect to give naturalness to blonde hair, as it is combined with hazelnut brown tones, creating a beautiful golden effect on the hair. Perfect for warm and tanned skin.
  • Rose Gold Bronde : It is the Bronde hair color that mixes pink tones with golden tones. It is thinking for the most daring women and it is a version of bronde that has become very fashionable in recent years. She is known as ‘Pink Blonde’ and there are many celebrities who have joined her, for example: Cara Develigne.
  • Ash bronze: it is the bronde color that is obtained using a dark blonde base. With this type of bronde, much more contrast is created than with the previous ones, since the ends are much blonder and more intense. It is the recommended hair color for women with a brunette or dark blonde base.

If you want to know what type of Bronde color is best for you, go to the hairdresser for advice from a professional, taking into account the color base of your hair, your skin type, the color of your eyes, and so on.

How do you get the Bronde color?

The [ss_kw]bronde dye[/ss_kw] is made up of brown or chocolate tones with golden reflections that subtract monotony from the hair. On the natural color, two or three tones are applied above if we start from a dark color, or below in the opposite case. There is also a red-haired version of bronde that incorporates reddish reflections to shade the natural color with tan, tile or orange tones.

Famous with Bronde color

According to different color experts, the quintessential bronde girl is Jennifer Lopez! (With Blake’s permission). Its color is a perfect mix of blonde and brown that illuminates with warm colors and golden or honey reflections.

In the following image we show you the international singer and actress wearing this [ss_kw]Bronde color with highlights[/ss_kw] in her long hair.

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However, she is not the only famous one. This trend looks great especially on light skin and eyes.

Other celebrities who have chosen to wear the color Bronde have been Chiara Ferragni or Cara Delevingne. Also the great international designers such as Elie Saab or Gaultier have already incorporated it into their fashion shows.

In the following images we show you Chiara Ferragni , a faithful follower of this trend and another of the famous ones who bet the most on the color Bronde: Blake Lively .

As you can see, each one has a different hair type and a different style. However … both have a heart attack!

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Bronde hairstyles

Bronde bob

The bronde is perfect to give volume and movement to any bob style: long, symmetrical, with bangs, wave … Choose your look and show off your bronde bob!

Ballerina bows

Even a hairstyle as strict as the ballerina bun can look different in a bronde version: Ballerina bun in a casual updo with loose strands. Ideal with all your outfits!


Braids acquire a new dimension and relief thanks to the 3D effect that is achieved with the contrast of blonde and brunette. Try it with a semi undone herringbone, headband or side braid!

With bangs

Add an extra sophistication to your hair with a curtain bangs, lopsided, straight or parted in the center. The bangs soften the features, frame the face and naturally balance the features.

Updos in bronde fashion

Whether in the form of a bun, top knot, low ponytail, braid, pony tail or even in short haircuts such as pixie or garçon. The bronde enhances these hairstyles, bringing light and color. Take note of the super stylish updos from top Olivia Palermo or blogger Chiara Ferragni . Perfect and natural!

And you? Have you already decided to switch to [ss_kw]Bronde hair[/ss_kw] ? Join the trend at Desancho Estilistas!

In our hairdresser in Valencia we select the best international trends and adapt them to your style. In addition, we have a team of professionals specialized in hair coloring.

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