5 types of man gradients

If you are thinking of changing your look this season, don’t miss our post. In it, from our men’s hairdresser in Valencia , we are going to talk to you about the [ss_kw]types of degraded men[/ss_kw] that are worn this year, some [ss_kw]modern haircuts[/ss_kw] that will not leave you indifferent.

1. Low Fade Cut

The Low Fade cut, also known as the fade undercut , is a type of haircut that has been in fashion for many years and this year remains among the favorites of men. It is a cut that consists of wearing the hair with much more volume at the top, and more trimmed in the area of the sides and the nape.

Below you can see the image of this [ss_kw]faded haircut[/ss_kw] on footballer David Beckam.

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2. High Fade Cut

This haircut is a very [ss_kw]trendy men’s gradient[/ss_kw] . It is similar to the previous cut, although in this one the gradient is much more marked and the hair volume in the upper part is much higher. Every day there are more men who dare with this youthful and daring cut , which provides a very modern look to those who wear it. In the image below we show you how the footballer Leo Messi looks.

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3. Razor cut

The Razor haircut is a gradient that is done with a razor instead of a razor, therefore the gradient is much more subtle. As with previous cuts, the volume of the hair is at the top of the head

In the image below you can see one of the razor cuts made by Desancho Estilistas hairdressers, in which the sides are perfectly worked so that the gradient is smooth.

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4. Bald cut

It’s a haircut called ‘bald fade’. It consists of a gradient that ends with a haircut almost zero, leaving the nape and the sides of the head practically without hair. It is one of the most daring gradients for men because of the difference in hair from the top of the head to the bottom. Below we show you one of the bald cuts that we have made at Desancho Estilistas .

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5. Skin Fade cut

The skin Fade is another of the fashionable haircuts this season. The gradient in this type of haircut can start at different heights: high, low, or medium. It is a very common and very youthful men’s gradient, which also gives men a very modern touch .

In the image below you can see the cut that Desancho Estilistas made to the basketball player Vladimir Jankovic.

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If you want a degraded haircut in Valencia , come to our beauty salon.

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