Two-tone highlights, a very autumnal trend

Two-color highlights do not go out of style and autumn can be a fantastic time to visit Desancho Estilistas, your hairdresser in Valencia, and give your look a new look.

Two- [ss_kw]color[/ss_kw] highlights do not go out of style and autumn can be a fantastic time to visit Desancho Estilistas , your hairdresser in Valencia , and give your look a new look.

With the two-color highlights you will get a much more radical change than with the Californian highlights or the balayage highlights .

So if you like to follow trends, we encourage you to follow this fashion that is sweeping Instagram: a fashion that consists of dyeing your hair in two different colors in the purest Cruella de Vil style.

This new version proposes combining two shades of highlights instead of coloring the entire mane. The combinations are endless: black gray, red orange, blue green … A very colorful fashion, designed for the most daring, those who seek alternatives to the usual, to the traditional.

But … how to choose the best color?

Knowing how to select the two most appropriate colors for you is a work of art since to make them look perfect they must be adapted to your skin type, your hair color, and even your own personality.

In this article we tell you everything you need to know about [ss_kw]two-color highlights[/ss_kw] , a trend that has been joined by many celebrities .

What does the two-color look convey?

The bicolor trend in the hair gives a much more innovative and striking air. With a [ss_kw]mane with highlights of two colors[/ss_kw] you will get a very fresh and very modern look. The two-tone highlights are a perfect fit for women looking to experiment with their appearance.

This is because the two-tone highlights add a different touch and change the style of a woman completely. So if what you want is a change of look … don’t think twice! With the two-color highlights you will achieve your goal and, in addition, you will be in the latest fashion.

What are the benefits of bicolor highlights?

The two-color highlights manage to revive and bring a lot of movement to the hair . It is a way to illuminate flat colors and also to create volume and texture in the mane.

It depends on the shades you select, the bicolor can be more or less natural. For the selection of colors, as we have mentioned before, you have to take into account many things, such as the natural color of your hair, your skin tone, the color of your eyes, the shape and size of your features, and so on.

Different color combinations for the two-tone highlights

For the most daring, the most striking colors and pastel tones such as pink or purple are worn. These shades are inspired by surreal worlds, fantasy and fairy worlds.

Some of the most innovative color combinations are: black-gray, orange-red, green-blue, chestnut-pastel pink, and so on.

In this image you can see the short hair in white and pastel pink tones.

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In the following image you can see the hair in black and purple.

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But do you like bicolor highlights but not too flashy? Don’t you dare with such vibrant and different colors? Do not worry! The two-color highlights can be made in many neutral colors.

You can choose between two shades, one lighter and one darker. This technique allows to subtly increase the volume effect and give the hair a more luminous and nuanced appearance.

In addition, the technique of two-color highlights is also used to tone the effects of summer, since the rays discolor the hair. While the skin of the face remains tanned, the light hair gives a very attractive appearance that, however, can be excessive in the winter months. The two-color highlights allow the tone to be lowered to achieve a more natural and attractive effect. In addition, they help to revive the shine lost due to the use of certain hair products.

Two-tone blonde and chocolate highlights

Next we want to tell you about the trend bicolor highlights of the moment. These are the [ss_kw]bicolor blonde and chocolate highlights[/ss_kw] .

This new trend in coloring continues to be seen on the catwalks, in the streets, on social networks, etc. It consists of wearing chocolate-colored hair with highlights in a platinum blonde color, creating a contrast of colors that provides movement and volume to the hair.

Although it is a trend to combine chocolate with platinum blonde, you can select other shades of blonde that best suit the color of your skin, your eyes, and even your personal style. There are those who combine chocolate with a more golden blonde or with a more ash blonde, to create a more natural and less shocking look.

Below we show you images of celebrities who wear different types of bicolor highlights in blonde and brown tones.

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Do you join the fashion? You just have to choose two colors that you like and encourage yourself to change your look. The result is spectacular. They are perfectly suitable for short, long, or medium hair. For blondes and brunettes, and for all styles of cuts and hairstyles.

Who are bicolor highlights perfect for?

If you are one of the women who has very fine and weak hair … bet on the two-color highlights ! Decide to play with light and dark tones to give your hair a volume effect. Also, if you want to totally change your look and get a more daring look, these highlights are also designed for you.

Applying the two- tone highlights requires a specialized technique to achieve the effect you are looking for, whether you opt for the contrast of striking colors, or if you opt for more subtle two-tone highlights. To avoid an unpleasant surprise, put yourself in the hands of expert hairdressers who know how to bring out the full potential of your hair with this fashion trend.

And now … what do you think of the bicolor highlights? You dare?

At Desancho Estilistas , your hairdresser in Valencia, we select the best international trends and adapt them to your style.

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