What does your hairstyle say about you in a job interview?

To make a job interview a success, you have to prepare it well in advance and take care of all the details

To make a [ss_kw]job interview[/ss_kw] a success, you have to prepare it well in advance and take care of all the details. Sometimes job success depends on both the curriculum and other aspects that have nothing to do with knowledge or skills, such as personality and physical appearance.

For a good observer, the gestures, the intonation of the voice, the clothing and the physical appearance say a lot about a person. In the case of job interviews, all these aspects are taken into account when evaluating an applicant.

[ss_kw]Hairstyle[/ss_kw] is one of your most visible features, a non-verbal language that speaks for you. That is why you should pay special attention to your hairstyle when you go to a job interview. The most important thing is that you look healthy, clean and neat. In this way, you will feel good and your self-esteem and security will increase.

Take care of your hair color . If you dye it, go to the interview with a perfectly applied dye. Choose the color well. Believe it or not, each hair color corresponds to a personality type:

  • The brown color is a sign of intelligence, good judgment and common sense, important qualities for any type of work.
  • The dark brown hue is more related to a powerful creativity, more oriented to jobs such as those as a publicist, journalist or decorator.
  • Be careful with platinum blonde , since sometimes and most of them unjustifiably, it is associated with a lack of intellectual capacity.
  • The ombré highlights, the Californian ones or the bronde , are daring colors and styles but without extravagances that speak of personalities willing to take risks and not settle for an anodyne life.

[ss_kw]Styling[/ss_kw] your hair also reveals interesting aspects of yourself:

  • A thick mane reveals a firm character and a sense of security, provided it appears clean and well-groomed.
  • The wavy hair , long or midi, is a good option for a job interview since it gives an image of seriousness, efficiency and sophistication. Thick, well-defined waves convey energy, strength, and creativity.
  • Curly hair , both natural and artificial, indicates an overwhelming personality, typical of a leader. But always without frizz!
  • The middle part conveys balance, confidence and responsibility. If you part your hair to the right, your thing is finances.
  • A comfortable hairstyle , with a layered parade cut, is typical of people who have their goals clear and defined and are willing to fight for them.
  • The high and tight ponytail is a very common collection among the executives. Denotes a personality with very clear ideas.
  • The combination of high ponytail and bangs is perfect to give an image of a hard-working and efficient person as well as elegant.
  • If you opt for a braid , herringbone or side, try not to tighten it too much so as not to offer a too childish appearance. The informal braids give a youthful image, but serious and sophisticated.
  • Be careful with the bows ! If you set them too high, they can give a feeling of formality or exaggerated authority.

At our hairdresser in Valencia we select the best trends and adapt them to your style. Our stylist hairdressers will prepare your hair in the best way.

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