Cerafill by Redken, gives vitality to your hair

Having healthy and vigorous hair is the desire of both men and women. However, it is estimated that only a fifth of the population has strong and abundant hair . According to studies carried out in independent laboratories, most of us have weak and brittle hair. Alopecia and other hair problems associated with the lack of density and strength of the hair are some of the most common.

However, science and new advances in hair cosmetics provide us with solutions adapted to each type of need. In our hairdresser in Valencia we use and recommend the Cerafill hairline for weakened hair . The use of these products restores the hair fiber, regenerates the hair and gives it shine and vigor.

This innovative range of products is specially designed to treat fine hair . Its continued use contributes to thicken the fiber dramatically. In addition, it also regulates the function of the scalp against possible alterations such as excessive loss, fat or dandruff.

At DeSancho Estilistas you will find different products for fine and weakened hair: shampoo, conditioner and a revolutionary complementary treatment with aminexil for daily use.

Cerafill Defy

Density and body instantly. At the first symptoms of hair weakness, use the Cerafill Defy formula based on Zinc, Ceramides and SP-94 that manages to nourish the bulb, instantly strengthening the hair.

Cerafill Retaliate and Cerafill Maximize

We also use products from this range to stimulate the growth of new hair . These products are suitable and effective for all types of fine hair.

What is Stemoxydine?

Until recently, research focused on curbing hair loss in both men and women. The fall is produced by the action of the hair’s life cycle: first it grows, stabilizes and finally falls. Between the end of one cycle and the beginning of the next, the bulb goes into a kind of hibernation in which it remains inactive and empty. The longer the period of activity, the more difficult it will be for the bulbs to regenerate again. This reduces the number of hairs and weakens them.

Now it is possible to “wake up” the sleeping bulbs and make the hair regrow thanks to a molecule called Stemoxydine , a scientific discovery that constitutes one of the greatest advances in science in the field of hair regeneration. Thanks to Redken , in our hairdressing salon we offer our clients new products with Stemoxydine to reactivate dormant bulbs and promote hair regeneration.

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