Permanent nail polish: the long-lasting solution for perfect nails

Today we can no longer say that nails are in fashion but that … they are fashion! There are many ways to show off perfect nails permanently and without the need for touch-ups. Discover all the possibilities by booking your appointment with our expert stylists . In our beauty salon in Valencia we clearly bet on two groundbreaking options: gel nails and permanent enamel .

Do you want to know which is the perfect option for you?

Both options have a multitude of followers, although not all of them know the advantages and disadvantages of each when choosing. In DeSancho Estilistas you will find the advice you need to choose the option that best suits you.

Showing off perfect hands and feet has never been easier than now. Manicures and pedicures have become your best beauty accessory, that essential plus that completes and enhances any look .

The most groundbreaking trend colors lit up the catwalks of the recent Valencia Fashion Week . Something that we had the opportunity to see first hand!

Perfect nails attract all eyes. Like it or not, our nails say a lot about us. Make them only say good things! But … do you know which manipedi is best for you?

Permanent or semi-permanent enamel

This technique is relatively new. It consists mainly in the application of a long-lasting enamel using a special fixing technique.

  • The natural nail is prepared, applying a base coat, two coats of color and a finishing coat to give shine and protect the color.
  • The most important difference compared to traditional enamel is that each layer is dried separately with low intensity UVA rays.
  • Once the last coat has completely dried, you can easily walk away without fear that the nail polish will flake off and disappear. Its duration is approximately two weeks, which is the time when the nail grows enough to require touch-ups.

Gel nails

This technique is completely different from the previous one and has come to strongly supplant the porcelain nails that were used until now. The new gel nails come from Germany and in Spain they have been used for more or less a decade. The procedure is the next:

  • A perfect base is prepared with gel on the natural nail. On this basis the enamel is applied, normal, permanent or semi-permanent.
  • The gel can be adapted to the length of the natural nail or to obtain a greater elongation in two ways: by working with molds that adapt to the nail and serve as a base or by means of extensions.
  • Subsequently, the gel is spread along the nail and we let it harden by applying heat with low intensity UVA lamps.
  • Once the enamel is completely dry, the nail is filed giving the desired shape.

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