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Micropigmentation is a technique that consists of the painless implantation of pigments at the epidermal level for aesthetic purposes. This technique was already used in Ancient Egypt and in other remote civilizations, which used animal pigments and infiltrated them into the skin using bone needles, it is used today in the best hairdressing salons to achieve correct or enhance features permanently or semi-permanently.

Correct without surgery or pain

Micropigmentation or permanent makeup is the ideal solution to highlight, correct, or give a lasting shape to our facial or body features.

In which areas can micropigmentation be used?

Micropigmentation has multiple possibilities and can be applied in many different ways and in different areas of the body. The most common services in our beauty salon in Valencia are the following:


Over time the eyebrows lose their shape and are less and less bushy. Micropigmentation of the eyebrows allows them to look dense and marked again. You can choose between different techniques: full, blurred, or hair by hair


Micropigmentation of the lips makes touch-ups unnecessary. Forget the eyeliner, and the first thing in the morning rush. Thanks to permanent lip makeup , a touch of gloss will suffice and it is perfect for going to the office without wasting time putting on makeup! You can opt for these three types of micropigmentation: outlined, outlined and blurred, outlined and filled.


Permanent makeup or micropigmentation of the eyes is also the perfect solution for practical women who do not want to give up their beauty even when they do not have time, are busy or simply do not want to spend hours in front of the mirror. The micropigmentation of the eyes manages to restore the expressiveness of the look, visually redensify the eyelash area and achieves a clean and perfect line in the eyeliner. It’s perfect if you don’t have much practice with the eye liner, your visual acuity is not the same as before, or you simply want to be perfect overnight.

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