Redken Chemistry: Take Care of Your Hair

At DeSancho Estilistas we only offer the best and newest hair treatments . For this reason, our Redken products provide tailor-made solutions for the needs of your hair. In our hairdressing salon in Valencia , in addition to the best hairdressing and aesthetic professionals, we offer you the latest in hair care with first-class products to care for, pamper and respect your hair. Do you already know our Redken Chemistry treatment ? Make your appointment today and start enjoying a new concept of hair care and beauty!

With Redken Chemistry your hair will regain lost nutrients

Chemistry System is the most convenient treatment for your hair and the ideal tool to show off healthy and nourished hair . Studying your hair will reveal its shortcomings. Once known and studied, we can apply the most convenient solution to show off your enviable mane or simply so that you can enjoy pampering and caring for your hair by giving it the nutrients it needs.

Chemistry: A Biphasic Treatment

  1. Shot Phase. Treatment with which you can recover nutrients, with a wide variety of products to adapt to all types of hair. This product contains a maximum concentration of proteins, vegetable oils and other essential nutrients .
  2. Shot Phix . This product is applied after having treated the hair with Shot Phase. This spray lotion is an acid concentration that seals the hair and allows the ingredients to set and act from the inside, repairing and nourishing.

Redken Chemistry Benefits

Thanks to this intensive treatment , your hair will obtain an extra protein that will fortify the hair , repairing damage and helping to strengthen the hair fiber.

Redken Chemistry is made up of proteins and hydrating elements. Its exclusive system works because it provides the hair with all the necessary elements to transform damaged hair into a full of life. Each service provides intensive care thanks to its concentrated ingredients that act synergistically with the hair’s pH sealer. With our hairdressing services plus post-treatment at home, you will get an incredible experience of beauty and health in your hair .

Main ingredients

  • 18-Mea: This lipid is able to identify the shortage of natural lipids and provide them again, thus balancing the hair structure.
  • Ceramides: Ceramides are known as the “intercellular cement”, essential for the hair cuticle to be sealed and reconstituted.

The result of the Redken Chemistry treatment is nourished, healthy, shiny and perfectly hydrated hair. With Chemistry, say goodbye forever to frizzy, hard-to-master hair. Thanks to the natural compounds of Chemistry, you will restore all its strength and beauty to your hair.

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