Cuts and care for long hair: All the tips and tricks for a heart-stopping mane

Do you love to show off your long hair? 8 out of 10 women choose to wear long hair. A long and neat mane is super sexy and feminine. It also supports all kinds of hairstyles and updos. Today in De Sancho Estilistas , we show you all the tricks and cares to show off a heart-stopping mane and the best haircuts for long hair .

Some experts in hair aesthetics argue that long hair should be at least 70 cm in length! But don’t be alarmed. If your long hair only reaches the height of the shoulders, (about 40 cm), you can also show off your long hair.

Be it more or less long, for your hair to be a true element of seduction you only need one thing: take care of it as it deserves. That is, give him the best of the best. Starting with the cut. That is why our recommendation is to go to expert professionals who will know how to find the style and cut that best suits the texture of your hair and your facial features. Long haircuts to maintain shape and avoid the dreaded split ends are the prerequisite for your hair maintenance and beauty care.

The trends in long hair cuts of the season clearly bet on two different and opposite styles: the strict straight or the volume and movement.

Long haircuts 2015

Weathered cut.

Layers fill your hair with volume and movement, frame the face and define the features. This season the contrasted reflections are brought with which you will bring light and shine to your hair as well as movement.

Ultra smooth asian

Straight and ultra-smooth manes are a classic that is always in fashion. If you are lucky enough to have a natural straight, you will only have to dedicate a minimum care to maintain your perfect mane. If, on the other hand, your natural hair is curly, you will have to fight against frizz, your worst enemy. In our hairdressing salon we have long-lasting keratin-based treatments, with which you will be able to keep your hair straight for months.

Straight with bangs

The straight hair with front bangs is super sexy and one of the styles that they like the most. This look will take years off your shoulders and is perfect for those with a wide forehead.

A long mane is precious as long as it is properly cared for.

Split ends

Unfortunately it is very common to see split ends in long hair. Don’t worry, getting rid of them is easy and fast: you just need the right products and care. Ask our professionals for advice to find the ones that best suit your hair type.


Enemy number two with long hair is breakage. Both breaks and split ends are usually caused by heat or by combing the hair when it is wet (when it is weakest). It is best not to use the dryer, comb the hair with a wide-toothed comb and always dry. Use fabric softener and avoid tight hairstyles such as taut ponytails or buns as much as possible.

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