Cold blonde.Perfect for summer!

If you want a change of look for the summer do not miss our post. In it we talk about a trend that leaves no one indifferent: cold blondes. Have you heard of them? Do you know what cold blonde colors are?

If you want a change of look for the summer do not miss our post. In it we talk about a trend that leaves no one indifferent: [ss_kw]cold blondes[/ss_kw] . Have you heard of them? Do you know what [ss_kw]cold blonde colors[/ss_kw] are? Are there [ss_kw]cold blonde dark[/ss_kw] , light, medium, etc.?

Here we answer all these questions and we show you some images of celebrities who have worn them or are wearing them this season.

Cold blonde is in fashion

As we mentioned in the introduction to the post, cold blonde is in fashion. This type of blonde is suitable for all women , although without a doubt, we recommend it for those who have lighter skin, blue or gray eyes, and so on. For brown eyes or darker skin, we love the goldenest blondes, with some hints of honey.

However, this type of polar blonde has been tried before by women with dark eyes and skin and the result is not bad at all. One of them is Kim Kardashian and she had a heart attack.

How to differentiate cold blonde from hot blonde?

Do you know how to differentiate the temperatures of blonde colors? Can you identify cold blondes and hot blondes? Really differentiating these two temperatures from blonde is very simple. While hot blondes are those that have yellow, copper, and gold undertones , cool blondes are those with gray, blue, and even white undertones.

Cold blonde colors

Here are some of the most popular cold blondes this season:

White blonde: almost white blonde became fashionable a few seasons ago and every day more celebrities are betting on it. It is a hair that requires more care but it is worth it because it will give a very youthful and risky air to your look. We show you the image of a Blanca Suárez with this type of blonde. How about?

Blond with gray shades : the blonde with gray shades is another of the cold blondes that are worn this season. It is a blonde that does not change color in the sun and is very similar to the white blonde that we told you about earlier. We show you an image of the model Cara Develigne.

Platinum blonde: of all the cool blondes, platinum is one of the most discreet. Although it does not have any golden or honey undertones, it is a bit more yellow than white and gives the look a very feminine and striking touch. We show you what actress Jennifer Lawrence looks like.

Now that you have more information about cold blondes, go to our beauty salon in Valencia and our color specialists will know how to adapt this trend to your personal style, your skin type, the color of your eyes, and so on.

Don’t think about it anymore and bet on cold blonde for this summer!

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