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One of the most important events of the summer for the young and old are the music festivals. Those social events that group different concerts and that can last several days. That is why women require different comfortable looks that include [ss_kw]hairstyles for fashion festivals[/ss_kw] that can withstand the weather changes that occur during the day: wind, heat, summer rain, etc.

From Desancho Estilistas we know that music festivals have become one more catwalk and that is why we want to show you 5 [ss_kw]hairstyles for music festivals[/ss_kw] that will not leave you indifferent.

1. Top braid

It is a hairstyle that consists of making a braid on the top of the head , leaving the sides with the hair loose and that is separated with a part in the middle. It has been the star hairstyle at Coachella and we are sure that in the coming festivals we will not stop seeing it.

The influencer Marta Carriedo is a faithful follower of hairstyles that combine braids and flowing hair and, in addition, she also adorns it. How about?

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2. Horsetail

The mackerel tail is one of the star hairstyles of the 90s and this season it is positioned as one of the [ss_kw]hairstyles collected for festivals[/ss_kw] preferred by all attendees. The ponytail is very high, very tight and gathered at the top of the head. It is a very comfortable, cool hairstyle and very easy to do. You can do it yourself! The actress and singer Jennider López has us very accustomed to this type of hairstyles and it is that … they are of heart attack!

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3. Wet finish

It is the hairstyle with a wet or damp finish . It is an ideal hairstyle if the festival is in a beach area or in a very humid area, you will avoid frizz! To do this, you have to use a product with a gelatinous texture and comb all the hair back and moisten with the product from the root to the middle of the hair.

In the following image you can see the model Gigi Hadid sporting a hairstyle with a wet finish.

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4. Braid

The braid is an informal updo, a [ss_kw]hairstyle for the summer festivals[/ss_kw] that many women resort to. To do it, you can use a gel product that will increase the fixation of the braid. Doing it is simple, you will have to divide the mane into three parts and begin to ‘tangle them together’. Actress Blake Lively is a faithful follower of braids, she even wears them in her day to day life. In the next image you can see how it looks.

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5. Beach hairstyle

The quintessential beach hairstyle is surf waves. If you want to wear your hair down to a music festival this is the best option. To do it, you will only have to wash your hair at night and dry it, although do not let it lose all the moisture. You should put a fixing product, but not too strong. Then make a braid and sleep. The next day release the braid and cup with your fingers. It will be ready!

One of the celebrities who wears this hairstyle like nobody else is Gisele Bundchen.

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Finally, we want to remind you that hair suffers a lot at summer festivals and that is why it must be prepared in advance by abundantly hydrating the hair and applying a capillary sunscreen on festival days.

We hope this post has inspired you. And do not forget that to make any of these hairstyles and even other collected low , high, or semis … you can count on Desancho Estilistas!

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