Light makeup: Perfect for summer

Without a doubt, every occasion requires a type of makeup. For the night the eye and lip makeup will be more pronounced while for the day we look for a fresher look and light makeup, although just as effective.

Without a doubt, every occasion requires a type of makeup . For the night the eye and lip makeup will be more pronounced while for the day we look for a fresher look and [ss_kw]light makeup[/ss_kw] , although just as effective.

Today at Desancho Estilistas , your hairdresser in Valencia , we want to show you all the tips and tricks to learn from our stylists how to get a [ss_kw]light makeup for summer[/ss_kw] , suitable for day and night.

Naturalness above all!

How do you get light makeup?

Although, as we say, there are special occasions when we opt for a more sophisticated and elaborate makeup, we all like naturalness and flee from the dreaded “mask effect”.

The best option is to choose a [ss_kw]light makeup base[/ss_kw] that does not show excessively, that conceals and favors without appearing artificial. Look at the celebrities! They show off great designer models enhanced by light makeup and seemingly “disheveled” summer hairstyles to escape the rigidity of bygone times. The new “nude” makeup style is effective on any occasion and is flattering and very sexy.

Getting a [ss_kw]summer makeup[/ss_kw] requires your technique. We tell you how to get it in 5 steps:

  1. Clean skin : Before proceeding with makeup, your skin must be perfectly clean and free of impurities.
  2. Foundation tone: The tone of your makeup base must be similar to your natural skin tone. Do not forget to apply the base also the neck and neckline.
  3. Step-by-step eye makeup : To give your eyes depth, use the smoky or gradient technique. Pronounced for the night and mild for the day. Use the eye liner to delineate the upper eyelid line, not to accentuate it! Use a mascara that is similar in tone to your natural color.
  4. Golden rule Never highlight your eyes and mouth at the same time! For your evening makeup you can opt for a more vibrant rouge although in that case, you should not load the inks when you make up the eyes or you will look like a mask.
  5. Healthy diet Do not forget that the first commandment of a luminous and beautiful skin is to follow a diet rich in fruits and vegetables and to drink plenty of water!

Foundations of a light makeup

Do you wonder what are the main bases of a light makeup? Without a doubt they are: selecting a fresh makeup suitable to your skin tone and nude colors for the lips and eyes, a makeup that could fit perfectly as a bridal makeup , since these normally opt for a [ss_kw]light and very fresh makeup by day[/ss_kw] .

Why choose light makeup?

We live in the age of naturalness and that is why light makeup should be your first option. The latest trends point to naturalness not only in makeup but also in hairdressing. The new trendy updos clearly point in that direction and our stylist hairdressers are very clear about it:

  • Long hair updos for parties and special occasions are made by braiding with loose strands, or gathered with clips and jewel brooches that give an irresistible casual-glam contrast.
  • Also straight haircuts and wavy hair set the same pattern. Haircuts for straight hair are manageable and easy to maintain. Pixies triumph and above all, the bob in all its versions.

Remember that for a perfect result you have to choose the most suitable cut and style for your face and your personality. Our hairdressing stylists will advise you on the cut and style that best suits you and the one that most highlights your natural side.

Light makeup will be your best accessory this summer! A makeup that will help you highlight the natural brunette and will give you a young, healthy and very luminous appearance.

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