Short haircuts for women that succeed in 2019

The beginning of summer is perfect for making look changes, that’s why we tell you what are the best cuts for short hair this 2019 . Most of the short haircuts that are trending this season are more daring and modern than last season. If you want to know what they are, don’t miss this article.

Short bob haircut

If you want to have a very short hair but with romantic and feminine touches, the bob cut is perfect for you. This type of haircut leaves the nape completely clear, has a slightly longer front part and has been setting the trend for two consecutive years.

Short fringed haircut

The [ss_kw]short paraded haircut[/ss_kw] is very popular this season and is sweeping the streets as well as the catwalks. It is a cut designed for the most daring and innovative. In addition, this type of cut has many variants, however the basic and elemental aspect of this cut is that the entire hair is very blunt, providing a very youthful air to the look.

Short layered haircut

The [ss_kw]short layered haircut[/ss_kw] is another trend of the season. It is a very feminine cut that allows you to wear your hair collected, loose, curly, straight, etc.

Layered hair has been around for many years, and although in recent years there are those who opt for straight hair, this season it has returned with great force.

Short curly haircut

The short curly hair is, without a doubt, a great success. If you want to make a short curly haircut for this summer, bet on a half hair that is over the shoulder and staggered to give you more volume. It is a very feminine cut and ideal for the swimming pool and beach season, as it will help you avoid irons and other tools that spoil your hair.

Short haircut at the back and long at the front

The [ss_kw]short haircut at the back and long at the front[/ss_kw] is one of the most seen on the international catwalks this year. The cut consists of leaving the sides longer and giving the hair a blunt and disheveled touch so that it looks a modern and current short hair.

Short haircut with bangs

The short haircut with bangs adds that feminine touch to the mane. Typically, short haircuts are more masculine and the bangs give the look that romantic touch. You can wear a fringed, lopsided, straight bangs … you decide!

Short tiered haircut

It is one of the leading trends this season. It is a type of short haircut that completely adapts to your tastes since you can choose to wear some parts with more hair than others, some short areas and others not … it is a haircut that will allow you wear some beautiful highlights to give a more rebellious touch to your look.

The stepped cut is a very modern cut that adds great volume to the mane.

Very short haircut

The [ss_kw]very short haircut[/ss_kw] is back again! Although this time it is a little more blunt and with more movement. This type of cut is one of the elegant but also one of the most masculine out there. Nowadays, a lot of hair styling is carried out with hair gel, gels or waxes to create the famous wet effect. It is one of the radical haircuts preferred by all women!

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