How to choose a hairstyle for a wedding

It is time for weddings, baptisms and communions. It’s time to get ready and put on that special dress that you keep in the closet year after year that you take it out for special events. Or you may have opted for a new one because the occasion really calls for it. The important thing is to find that look in which there is a total combination of clothing, accessories and of course, the hairstyle. For the latter we are the stylists. We are the ones who are going to work with you that final touch that hair always gives, often accompanied by a headdress, headband, or turbans. So the question arises, how to choose hairstyle for wedding?

First of all, you should know that the hairstyle to choose must fit in with three aspects. The first is your face. It must harmonize with the features and even enhance those that are characterizing in a good way and of course, hide those that are not. Ariana Barriuso tells us that “the first thing that is done to the client is a study of features to see what type of hairstyles are going to favor him according to the features of his face.” Thus, those collected more “tight” will leave less room for the imagination and those who cover their ears will hide more. Think about it.

The beautiful Marta Mateu made a semi updo that accentuated her sweet features to attend a recent wedding


The second aspect is the garments that you are going to wear, we no longer talk about whether it is a skirt or pants because today they have been equated and any collection or hairstyle combines equally with any choice, it all depends on how comfortable you feel or of what you feel like at that moment. For example, for those dresses or tops that are tied around the neck, we will always choose medium and high updos so as not to collide with the knot and cause it to gradually unravel due to friction. If you go for a single strap, try choosing a hairstyle that balances on the clear shoulder. The more loaded and impressive your clothes are, the easier it has to be to pick them up, because what we don’t want is to look like a Christmas tree, right?

The glamorous Geles opted for a low updo to counteract the force of her precious headdress.


The third is the lightest but it is still important. It is dedicated to moms. If you are in the period of babies and upbringing, it is best to opt for a collection with few strands exposed as this will prevent your little one from being entertained by stretching them and also, it will be more comfortable for you when you bend down to attend to your cherub. It’s all about choosing a practical hairstyle. Even so, many of you after giving birth choose a good snip, perhaps this is another way of showing the new stage that you are beginning in your life.

With all these tips that we have been naming you, you can get an idea of what you want us to do for you. As we said in a previous post, you can always bring us a photo from a magazine or from the Internet to get an idea of what you want or we can even modify it to better suit the aforementioned facial features that we talked about above. With all this, we remind you that it is not necessary for you to come with dirty hair, as we currently have specific products to give hair density and make it moldable. In addition, a few days before it is advisable to do the color so that the collected looks more favored, you can even play with some strands of different shades to later use them in the hairstyle.

If with everything that has been said you do not get the idea and you are one of those who prefer to wear your hair down, we recommend some waves with the new GHD Eclipse that will give you volume in a natural way and will last until the end of the party.

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