The 10 key points of the relationship between stylist and client

As in other aspects of social life, the beauty salon advances to adapt to today. Although there is something that lasts from the beginning of this profession and it is the relationship between the stylist and the client . Once he has found a professional who convinces him, who succeeds in what he demands, a bond between the two is established, the closest thing to a real friendship. The hairdresser becomes your bedside beauty advisor and his / her recommendations will outweigh someone else’s. That is why many when making an appointment also require the services of someone specific on the salon staff.

Although the stylist already knows what we like and always tries to stick to what we want, although it seems that almost without speaking we understand each other, there are certain things that professionals want us to know in order to carry out their work in the best way possible . Taking as reference the “11 things your hairdresser wants you to really know” from the trend portal, we have prepared a list of our 10 key points to keep in mind:

1- Bring your photos. If you already have a predetermined idea because you have seen a cut that you like in a magazine or on the Internet, bring the photo so that the stylist can get a better graphic idea of what you are asking for. You can also be inspired by the magazines that we have available in the living room.

2- Every cut needs drying. A cut is not considered finished without drying it, as it is the part where the shape of the hair is perfected. An “air-dried” hair does not have a defined style and each day it will take a shape depending on the environmental environment. Your stylist can advise you how to dry it at home, ask him.

3- Have you noticed all the products we use? During the styling session we use professional products specific to your leather and hair type. Hence, your hair looks better than ever when you leave the salon. It is important that at home they are also of quality and you cannot be guided by white brands. Ask your stylist what is best for you, in the salon we have products for sale that we also use on a day-to-day basis.

4- The celebrities set trends. The famous every time they attend an event and appear in the magazines set trends that are later required by customers in the salons. One of the most in-demand at the time was Jennifer Aniston’s hair that she wore on Friends. You must bear in mind that we will adapt your hair so that it looks as close as possible to that of the celebrity in question, but no two cuts are exactly the same.

5- Do not change color so drastically and frequently. It is good to change the color to renew your style, but your hair needs time to regain health between coloring and coloring. If you want a different one, try changing it every 6-12 weeks to reduce the impact and thus preserve vitality. Of course, always accompanied by products that help hydrate dyed hair.

6- For those collected, it is not always good to have your hair washed the day before. Although it helps when styling the updo, it is not always good to have dirty hair. In fact, this often influences the silky finish of the work. There are many products designed to give that density and fixation without having to go with dirty hair.

7- Don’t be afraid of bangs. There are many types of bangs and of course, they cannot all fit you well, but if you are thinking of changing your style it is a good option. Keep in mind that your stylist will first do a study for you so that what he recommends you will like, dare.

8- If your stylist does not recommend what you ask, pay attention to him. Just like when you go to the doctor, you listen to their recommendations. Your stylist is a professional who is dedicated to hair so when he does not recommend what you are asking him you should consider his opinion, because he knows what he is talking about. If you still want me to do it for you, the responsibility for the result will be entirely yours.

9- Don’t complain when we do what you really asked for. If, once our work is finished, you realize that the cut you wore before or what we had recommended would suit you better, you should know that we have done what YOU have asked us, your wishes are our priority.

10- We can make you a fabulous look, but we do not work miracles. We will always recommend what suits you best, we will try to make it as close as possible to that movie actress look that you like so much, but your hair has limitations and our job is to get the most out of it.


That said, we will also add that at Desancho Estilistas we are more than happy and satisfied with each of our clients and they are the reason why every day we try to improve ourselves more and more to be able to offer them the latest in fashion trends for hair.

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